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Mars Spain received the recognition as the Best Company to work for in Spain by the Great place to Work institute, within the 500 to 1000 employees category . This award was received together with the other companies part of Mars Incorporated: Mars, Cafo Learn more



    Making cats happier everyday

    If you want to keep your cat healthy and happy, there's no better choice than WHISKAS. After all, we've been making it for over forty years.

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  • MARS®

    A chocolate bar whose success is out of this world

    Originally made in Britain but now sold all over the world, the MARS bar is one of the confectionery industry's greatest success stories.

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  • M&M'S®

    Among the world's favorite candy snacks

    Since 1941, M&M'S are the original fun bites. Probably the most famous candy treat in the world, the snack sized pieces of chocolate (and peanuts) in a candy shell are instantly recognizable all over the globe.

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    Simply irresistible, every day!

    FROLIC® is one of our most tradiotional and best-known brands with more than 40 years of experience in making dogs happy. FROLIC® 100% Complete & Balanced is a well-balanced main meal whose meaty-juicy nature makes it so special. As a snack on a walk or as a reward, treat your dog to one of our FROLIC® varieties.

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  • CESAR®

    It’s a sign of love!

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  • TWIX®

    Pause like you mean it

    Crispy crunchy cookie, smooth creamy chocolate, and delicious chewy caramel. The delicious taste is perfect when you want to Pause.

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  • Nutro®

    86 years leading pet nutrition

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  • SHEBA®

    Follow your passion

    SHEBA® understands the refined senses of cats and knows exactly what little gourmets love to eat. SHEBA® offers a wide range of delicious products following balanced recipes and using delicate ingredients. With Sheba you can always be sure to seduce your cat’s senses everyday in a new tasty way.

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    Since its foundation by a veterinary surgeon in 1967, Royal Canin has championed innovation in animal nutrition through its wide range of tailor-made wet/dry food for cats and dogs. All our products are developed taking into account age, breed, size, lifestyle, pathology and idiosyncrasies of each pet. We use cutting-edge technology in their production under the strictest quality controls, and they are formulated using the latest knowledge in animal nutrition.

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    The world's number one dog food

    With more than seventy years experience behind us, PEDIGREE® helps make sure that man's best friend stays fit, healthy and happy. There's a PEDIGREE® meal for every size and shape of dog.

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  • ORBIT®

    Just Brushed Clean Feeling

    The smooth, refreshing flavor of sugar-free Orbit gum leaves your mouth with a Just Brushed Clean Feeling. Orbit gum is a global brand, enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Importantly, Orbit gum has received the American Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance. Orbit gum is on a mission to help keep mouths clean and healthy by encouraging people to Eat Drink Chew.

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  • 5® Gum

    Stimulate Your Senses®

    5 gum invites you to “Stimulate your Senses®.” 5 gum is a groundbreaking sugar-free gum that delivers a unique chewing experience. The signature sleek 5 gum envelope created the next great packaging enhancement for stick gum and is slim enough to fit in a pocket or purse. 5 gum has a bold, eye-catching design offered in the 15-stick pack, new smaller, ultra-portable six-tab micro pack, Car Cup and On-the-Go Bottle.

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